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Primal Noir is an anime clothing brand that believes that good and evil don't always fall on opposite sides of the spectrum. We believe that everyone has a core desire to be good, but sometimes people make mistakes or have circumstances that lead them down less-than-heroic paths. 

We also believe it can be fun to express our love for those less-than-heroic characters. But it can be hard to find such expression in mainstream culture—and when you do, you're often met with scorn or judgment. That's why we created Primal Noir. We want to give fans of fictional villains a safe space where they can express their admiration and love for those characters without fear of being called "evil." Because even if someone is a villain on paper, there are always more sides to their story than what we see on the surface. We want to celebrate all sides of these stories through streetwear fashion, so that people can show off their love for these anime characters in ways that are socially acceptable—and maybe even get asked questions about why they like these characters so much! 

Every outfit should tell a story, which is why we strive to create edgy apparel that is as unique as you are. Primal Noir is a brand for the villainous, the dark-hearted, and the mischievous, you're bad because you're human; you're flawed and imperfect just like everyone else. And it's okay not to be good, as long as you are being good enough. Even villains aren't always horrible—they just have a different outlook on what "good" means.

Whether you're repping your favorite villain, or just trying to get through the day with a friendly reminder that it's okay to be the bad guy. We hope to create a community of people who are willing to embrace their darker sides, while still providing healthy ways to express our dark feelings and bringing awareness to mental health issues. No matter what color your heart is, we want you to feel like you belong here. So, my friends, it's time to step back from the hero's path and embrace the villainous side that we all have. The future belongs to us, after all. If we wait for others to pave the way, who's to know what amazing things we would miss out on? When you shop Primal Noir, you're no longer a sheep. You're now a WOLF hiding in plain sight.